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Effects Tied to Items

It would be wonderful to associate effects with specific items and then be able to specify if an item is being worn or is otherwise active. This should automatically apply the effect to the character sheet. For example, in the 3.5 ruleset, a...
Mr. Bear, 28.07.2012, 13:04
156 votes Vote

Add colored pins

Instead of having red pins for everything, with having a variation of red, yellow, blue, etc. you could more easily distinguish between encounter settings, room descriptions, items, and such.
Targas, 25.02.2014, 08:59
150 votes Vote

Local access to shared campaign data

Allow players to view any shared campaign data when managing characters (i.e. local mode).
moon_wizard, 21.01.2012, 22:55
149 votes Vote

Separate server and GM client

moon_wizard, 21.01.2012, 23:01
137 votes Vote

Convert TOS (The Only Sheet Plus) Character to FG

Using the Converter to convert a TOS+ character sheet into an XML formatted sheet that can be used by Fantasy Grounds. Just like they convert a Hero Lab or the D&D Insider character sheet into XML format. TOS+ In my opinion one of the best...
Wizzarin, 27.10.2014, 01:11
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136 votes Vote

5E NPC Forge/Creator

I'd like a process that looks similar to what we've seen with the magic item forge in the future DMG. Also, what we get in the Advanced Bestiary for Pathfinder/3.5e. You have a Create NPC screen. You want to make a 5th level Variant Human...
JohnD, 05.11.2015, 07:01
128 votes Vote

Custom background

Allow host to specify a custom background directly without having to build an extension.
moon_wizard, 04.05.2012, 22:09
128 votes Vote

Sort images by folder

It would be helpful if images could be sorted like tokens, i.e. by folder and sub-folders, instead of using tabs like now.
Leonal, 18.05.2013, 02:17
1 comment
127 votes Vote

Music Streaming

It will be great for the GM to be able to stream music through FG2.
cyric30, 26.04.2013, 00:09
121 votes Vote

Game matchmaking and scheduling

moon_wizard, 21.01.2012, 22:57
1 comment
120 votes Vote

Token - Allow player movement, with GM undo

moon_wizard, 21.01.2012, 23:19
1 comment
117 votes Vote

Add user comments in online manual & references

Learning Fantasy Grounds is very very steep. I'm assuming with the new 3.x branch, and the new CoreRPG base ruleset in conjunction with the new inherit&cascading system, a fully new documentation is needed. To avoid issues from the past, and...
Blacky, 30.08.2013, 21:36
115 votes Vote

Height indicators

For those players and beasties that love to soar (or crash)
GeneralChaos, 17.06.2012, 23:33
114 votes Vote

Dev - Less memory intensive token loading

If you place a bunch of tokens in your FG application folder, the program will put all theese images in memory (it seems). This should be replaced with disk loading, and only using images in memory when needed or placed on a map/image. Eighter...
arsenic87, 26.07.2012, 01:46
110 votes Vote

Weather Battlemap image filters

The same battlemap could be used under rain, fog, day, night, dawn, and so on. Instead or having the GM make multiple images (which has a networking and memory price), FG could apply some smart predefined weather filters to a map to transform...
Blacky, 19.09.2013, 22:57
101 votes Vote

Alternate d100 rolling

i.e. 10 = 0 on the singles die, and 00 = 100
moon_wizard, 21.01.2012, 22:59
100 votes Vote

Transparent grid

The option to make the grid transparent would be great, especially for maps already containing a grid.
Leonal, 04.10.2013, 22:04
95 votes Vote

Tables - Dragable effects

Enable the ability to drag and drop properly formatted effects from table entries onto the combat tracker.
aeythreval, 01.05.2012, 15:26
94 votes Vote

Map - Vision Radius, Mask Removal

In darkness or other areas of obscured vision, create a radius from token. Anything tokens outside disappear on player's images. GM controls radius. Option - Allow everyone to see all or just their own radius. Option - Only unmask vision radius...
Kiro, 12.01.2013, 12:49
93 votes Vote

Window manager

Like the Windows taskbar, but specifically for windows open within FG
moon_wizard, 21.01.2012, 22:45
89 votes Vote

Add “Spacebar” as an image scroll like Adobe

Press down “Spacebar”: if the mouse cursor is inside a window, any mouse movement scroll the item windowed (like a map/image, but really anything with a scroll button). It's an Adobe (Acrobat, Reader, Photoshop, etc.) custom, quite handy.
Blacky, 05.09.2013, 00:53
1 comment
88 votes Vote

Map - Better rectangular image handling

moon_wizard, 21.01.2012, 23:07
1 comment
87 votes Vote

Map - Polygon mask removal

Allow the mask to be removed as a polygon, in addition to box or free-hand mask removal.
moon_wizard, 04.10.2012, 18:30
77 votes Vote

Map - URL source

moon_wizard, 09.04.2012, 10:51
1 comment
77 votes Vote

Support accented filenames for ressources

More like a (big) bug, but still so that it doesn't get forgotten: we need to be able to use accented (and I would add, better than that, unicode) file name for ressources (images, tokens, whatever). Even from a pure English point of view...
Blacky, 30.08.2013, 21:46
75 votes Vote

Adventure writing tools

Please provide examples in your comments
moon_wizard, 21.01.2012, 22:55
74 votes Vote

/command to preload every images

Adding two FG /command (so, no UI bother): - one to preload this session *every* images the GM has - another one to preload this session every opened image at the time of the command When the GM's Fantasy Grounds close, this setting is...
Blacky, 05.09.2013, 09:55
73 votes Vote

Pointers - Built-in area effect templates

moon_wizard, 21.01.2012, 23:13
1 comment
72 votes Vote

Token - Show last movement path

moon_wizard, 21.01.2012, 23:19
1 comment
72 votes Vote

[3.5E] Effects have saves & durations (i.e. poisons)

Show both a save and duration for an effect. Primary usage is for poisons which have both (Ex: Poison of the Black Nresis Fort 18 for 3 rounds) Additionally, add support for periodic/recurring damage from poisons.
Willot, 11.06.2012, 14:14

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