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Prevent middle-click from destroying right-hand menu items [BUG]

Currently, right-clicking on menu items destroys them ! Be good if it didn't :)
phantomwhale, 15.11.2012, 00:40
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Dev - add getControls() method for windowinstances

This method should return a list of reference to all controls which are contained for the given windowinstance.
drvolk, 12.12.2012, 06:43
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Stop updating and work on stability

Stop adding new features to the client and work on making the client its self more stable for the host and the connected clients eg, multithreading for better proformance
Jamie McCartney, 26.01.2014, 11:08
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Show player name in chat when whispering with empty portrait

Currently, when whispering with character portraits displayed - which is the default - the person whispering is NOT displayed, as you have figure this out from the portrait. However, when portraits have not yet been set, it is IMPOSSIBLE to...
phantomwhale, 24.03.2014, 02:08
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The mask is too opaque

The mask is too opaque, making it difficult to see features underneath and/or boundaries for what to reveal, depending on the map type and contrast. It would be nice to have a control to dynamically change the mask opacity by %...
HoloGnome, 06.01.2016, 08:39
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Dev - overwrite builtin controls

It should be possible to overwite a builtin control by defining a template with the same name as the builtin control. So for example the builtin controls which were used in a rulesets could inherit new functionalty just by redefining it in a...
drvolk, 12.12.2012, 06:39
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