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(5e) Support for Companions and Wild Shape sheets

I'd like support for Animal companions and Wild shape without making a full extra NPC sheet for it. Make new tabs on your own sheet, with it's own Token, Portraits, Stats and Actions.

Svarten , 18.01.2017, 10:07
Idea status: under consideration


knucklehead, 08.03.2017, 20:09
There's a suggestion to apply templates much like the item forge to characters.

This would be awesome for things like the 5E wild shape, too, where really all you're doing is temporarily replacing physical stats, and more or less doing a union of skills and abilities, with a GM-required call on things like item/weapon use depending on whether a creature could conceivably wield it.

The first two seem like no-brainers, but I think the difficulty of saving the "real" STR/DEX/CON and the "real" subset of actual player abilities and skills might be more difficult than it seems at first blush.

Animal companions would require player controlled NPCs, and if that's not in the foreseeable future, maybe at least a "PC lite" mutation of the full PC, which could hold things relevant to most NPC's/Monsters and not much more... like screw notes, give it a simple inventory and option to add abilities/powers manually, just stats and relevant combat stuff that can be tracked automatically, that way players can claim ownership of them in the future, even if it would still require a GM assigning them...

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