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full localization support for the Pathfinder ruleset

Currenty the localization support of FG is reduced to swap static textresource string contents.

Especially for the Pathfinder ruleset there a contens in several languages avaible on the market, so it would make sence to support these contents also.

But all the parsing of text content in the rulesets expect english texts. So for example if you create an item entry with item type "Waffe" (german word for weapon), this item will not recognized as weapon when it was drag&droped into the inventory of an character sheet.

The same behavior you have for damage type names, properties, effect names, races. classes, spell properties and so on.

There are also some shortcuts e.g. for "dice=d" which will not recognized if the shortcut in the localized language is an other one "W├╝rfel=W".

And in some case the metrics in the translated language could be different (meter instead feed or kilogramm instead pound etc.).

All these keywords should be able to swap into a translated textresource, so a complete localization of a ruleset with working parsing would be possible by just defining new textresources.

Some parsing routine would not work by just replacing keywords with translated content because of some grammer issues, which currently also expected english grammer.

For that i would recommend to extend the data structures of items, spells, races, classes, skill, traits, properties, languages, currencies and effects.
Instead of parsing the content of these data to get the ruleset values these values could be allready avaible in a parsed form in the data. So the description texts could be in any language because it could be seperated from the game mechanic values.

drvolk , 18.08.2017, 01:02
Idea status: under consideration


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