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Table Output to Notes

If we had the option to output a Table to notes, a player could roll on random tables and not have the results appear in chat.

I'm sure there are other uses for this, but from my own perspective, I would find this useful with my random Vicious Mockery insult generator so that a player could load the module, output the results to a notes page, and then read it out loud over voice chat rather than having it output to the chat and every player and the DM can all see it as he says it. It would add just a tiny layer of immersion if the other players didn't necessarily know that the player was rolling for a random insult.

TyrannosarusVeX, 08.03.2019, 09:57
Idea status: under consideration


rob2e, 08.03.2019, 10:02
Excellent idea!
Michael, 13.03.2019, 08:16
I'd love an option for it to be whispered to the player, or the DM so that other players can't see it, but it still goes to chat for easy access. Then the player can "role play" it without all the other players reading it first.
LordEntrails, 01.04.2019, 14:20
Have you tried outputting to Story? Then share the story entry with the player?
TyrannosarusVeX, 01.04.2019, 14:30
I could do that, but the whole point is for the player to be able to do randomly generate something with a table without the assistance of the DM to speed up gameplay.

If the DM had to share a story entry every time they rolled, it would slow things down, not speed them up.
Valdemar, 17.11.2019, 20:35
That is a great idea!

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