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Network connection statistics

Example: users connected, pending transfers, ...

moon_wizard, 21.01.2012, 22:46
Idea status: under consideration


Bidmaron, 27.10.2012, 18:59
I would like a developer command to where you could get network info on a given user, especially external ip address.
Honken101, 29.06.2013, 11:51
It would be nice to be able to have away to see how much of a pre-loaded picture each clients have downloaded. Maybe also see ping times.
Blacky, 24.08.2013, 06:33
One limited sub-feature of this that could be quite useful and simpler to do, is an icon that says “you are still transmitting specific campaign data to players”.

Meaning, it would show up if images are being pre-loading, or tokens being transfered. And it would disappear or being grayed out when these types of transfer are done.
Blacky, 19.09.2013, 01:03
Another useful tool would be to check the speed of packet transmission (maybe checking the timestamp of the TCP ACK or something). Meaning detecting when a network overload of something create lag (under the current shitty network library), and choke/loss (when that library will be updated/replaced).

Having a small icon appearing orange (and red when things go really wrong) when that speed crumble. It would help people knowing that's something's wrong, but it will get better probably soon, and it's not FG fault.

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