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Native Mac/Linux

moon_wizard, 21.01.2012, 22:50
Idea status: under consideration


Tom, 30.05.2014, 17:14
Since this game is highly script driven, I wonder how hard it would be to switch to buiding this under Unity. We moved our game to unity recently from Objective-c and I am basically just so upset that we didn't come here sooner. They have a full 2D package which if your screens are mostly script generated would be usable. Unity supports pretty much every platform under the sun.
Gix, 29.01.2017, 11:22
Or the JavaScript based interfaces... then you could have REAL customization in terms of CSS for everyone anyway!
Frunobulax, 07.09.2017, 14:06
Hopefully once the switch to Unity is complete, it should be as easy as hitting "Build for Linux." But IMO native Linux support is mandatory.
Ternvein, 11.10.2018, 11:42
I wonder if it will ever be implemented. Wine works fine, though I highly prefer cross-platform applications that works natively. And it can be made much more easily these days.

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