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Tablet or mobile phone version

Most likely, a tablet or mobile phone version would be a separate, and more limited, product, in order to fit it into current capabilities of mobile hardware/OS.

moon_wizard, 21.01.2012, 23:51
Idea status: under consideration


Spookymonster, 30.04.2015, 05:39
Use my tablet as an extended screen to hold character sheet(s), combat tracker, chat log, etc. Tablet screens are perfect for holding single purpose views.
Moradus, 17.05.2015, 08:50
Roll20 already has an iPad app. FG really needs to develop an app to stay current. It's really not even an option anymore. Also, as larger iPads (and other tablets) come out, RPG gaming on them will become even more practical and attractive.
llothos, 10.03.2016, 17:41
They may have an app but it's character sheet. They do have"mobile" support if you pay but that not the greatest either.

I thing fg needs to have a more full featured app. For the gm it would be great if I could edit my campaign on the go and of course have all the other features such as character sheets, maps and other features.
Tigon, 22.10.2016, 16:07
The Roll20 ap is more than a character sheet, its got dice roller and chat features that tie in with the on going game. It also allows the DM to set out a QR code that players, in person, scan with their tablet to instantly join the game.

Theirs has a minimum screen size, which I think is pretty critical for an application like this as it needs to be big enough to be functional.

Really, I think this is a critical feature for FG to not fall into only online play and retain marketshare in the live in-person gaming community.
Bozi, 13.08.2015, 22:49
This just has to be done, rather have my character on my tablet and the map on the TV :)
Marcai, 27.12.2015, 07:16
Without being available on a mobile device, Fantasy Grounds simply isn't going to work for my RP group in the long-run, as nobody will be able to bring it to sessions. As mentioned before the free Roll20 program is a major competitor and has invested in this!
OnimeNoGarou, 25.08.2016, 17:34
A client version of the Fantasy Ground app would be amazing! If the host/GM has a PC or MAC and runs everything from that and the players would have tablets or Raspberry Pi devices that would allow them to keep track of their character, rolls, skills, items, map, etc... Basically the full client experience but on a cheaper device. Since it would be only the client, it could be only $10 or even free, or the full GM version would come with 2 - 4 client licenses.
Uncle_Yoyo, 31.03.2017, 13:21
I'm not sure which would be easier, to create a server to host everyone's character so their Tablets can connect to the game and get all that info or if they could somehow make the Character Sheet, and Libraries windows as Pop-Ups so we can move them outside of the game and take advantage of multiple screens, that way we can keep the game table clear from cluttering windows. Even more helpful for GMs.
NightFall, 15.01.2019, 14:52
It has been awhile since anyone has commented on this. I am relatively new to Fantasy Grounds but I love the platform. I realize that the short term is to get the application on a 64bit platform to address memory issues.

But I do feel that getting a the very least a player interface on Mobile Platform is absolutely essential for the viability of this application. The PC is going away, that much is inevitable at least in the general sense. There will always be those who use PC's but they will be in the minority.

In all, I just wanted to add my two cents here. I truly believe that if there isn't a mobile version of this application (at least for players at the very minimum, DM's can come later.) made in the next 2 years that people will stop using it . Roll20 is on the right track but their mobile client is terrible and the Roll20 team cant seem to get out of their own way. Even their Web Client needs improvement but if they invest and do it right they will DOMINATE the VTT market. They already have a very large user base and there is an obvious reason why. At minimum make the new version have an API people can develop a mobile client.
mostcallmetim, 20.06.2019, 18:02
I vote for and would much rather have an app that is much closer to D&D Beyond. A simple compendium of my purchased materials where I can create bookmarks, search, and menu of categories for organization.

Anything beyond that would be a bonus for me.
Tey, 24.06.2019, 11:26
Alot of good ideas. But simply having a way to tead thw modules or manuals yoy have bought awayh from your computer would be great. Being able to use it as a character sheet would be hug.
DarrinTisdale, 05.07.2019, 11:55
Don't presume the platform must be limited in some way. Let the market drive that experience. There are ways to do that.

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