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Sound effects

Dice and custom ruleset sounds. Not music streaming.

moon_wizard, 21.01.2012, 23:54
Idea status: under consideration


dsherwen, 03.09.2012, 19:32
Hey Moon! Just wanted to say the work you do for FG2 is amazing. It is shaping up to be much more user friendly then i ever imagined. Anyhow, regarding the dice sounds. I am not sure how difficult it would be just to add the sounds of rolling dice but I can tell you nothing takes me back to table top D&D sessions more than the clickety-clack of rolling dice. I think such a small change would make a big impact on the "ambience" of the game. Good luck with all your future endeavors.

Falantrius, 11.05.2015, 15:04
Would love to have DICE SOUNDS - even with my games where no one is using a client. Players roll their own dice here - and it would be nice that when the DM rolls in Fantasy Grounds - it would also be heard - esp when I roll like 12d6 for a large spell.
Maugrim, 21.01.2016, 15:40
I would love to see Fantasy Grounds play a level up sound (Ding) when PCs gain enough xp and a configurable option to play something when a dice is rolled that results in a critical result. I am currently handling this manually, but it would be fun if it was built into FG.
st4lk3r87, 10.03.2016, 08:56
It would be very good to hear the fireball sound or any other spell/attack everytime we have a roll. It would be super cool to have sounds attached to PC/NPC to hear them get damages or dying or laughing at a miss!!!
Nebbers, 05.04.2016, 18:14
It would be really neat if DMs could map soundbites to all sorts of thing, general die rolls, but also specific effect, like a Fireball being cast. The possibilities are limitless
tamahandy, 07.04.2016, 12:48
Actually for me these are two different features, but I would seriously like to see both.

First and primary for me would be the dice sound, cause as mentioned bevor, they are just so inherent connected to playing that they just belong to the game.
Possible toggles:
Hear ALL dice rolls from everybody (cause every group had this one player continiously rolling his dice no matter what was going on )
Disable all,
Only hear dice rolls inside the gaming window but then all,
Only hear your own dice rolls
Chazbreed, 26.04.2017, 07:17
Reading through these threads, I don't see any moderators responding back with solutions or workarounds. I just wanted to chime in and suggest Syrinscape as a solution. Using it alongside would work well but there are extensionsome you can add to FG to trigger specific sounds when an event is triggered within the chat. Those triggers are also customizable to get it to respond exactly as you see fit. Just thought I would mention it. Now back to reading more forums... lol
dikdastard, 09.09.2017, 06:15
As pointed out by Chazbreed, this functionality is now available via dulux-oz's sound extension but it would be nice to include it in next version of CoreRPG. Don't need to use syrinscape, can play any sound file your PC has on it by copying the URL into a custom sound- tip for windows PC, drag sound file from its location on your PC onto a browser bar will convert into the correct URL format for the file location- just copy and paste this from browser bar into the box requesting the sound URL in the FG extension.
I've got triggers set up for critical failures, shooting attacks, melee attacks, thrown objects, damage rolls etc
rob2e, 14.09.2017, 16:23
Ooooooo SOMEONE! no names, has built a DMs Guild module that incorporates Syrinscape Sounds by using Dulux-Oz' extensions and has sounds programmed in for effects, spells, weapons, environment, etc., etc.

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