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Adventure writing tools

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moon_wizard, 21.01.2012, 22:55
Idea status: under consideration


DrZ, 26.03.2012, 15:07
What about an optional (subscription based?) add-on FGII themed web service (along the lines of Obsidian Portal) but with the added integrated option of importing/exporting data to/from FGII for game play. I'm thinking of a campaign based portal that allows users to easily enter/track campaign information and move data to/from FGII for play.

The portal could also be used to better faciliate match-making for gamers seeking to play RPGs via FGII. Perhaps even coupling with the ability to launch FGII via a web URL could simplify getting an online game going.
Emrak, 19.02.2013, 08:33
+1 This is genius. Yes please!
Mirloc, 22.05.2012, 12:48
I'd like to see finer grain tools to write adventure material either in or out of the main FGII software. In fact it might be better to have a secondary application designed specifically to write stand alone modules with the capacity to create simple tables, write internal links, external links, and change fonts.
Mark, 04.07.2012, 15:02
Some ideas:

1) More robust text formatting (size, color)

2) Ability to drag-n-drop links without needing to first format a paragraph as a link paragraph

3) Outline view of story entries (nesting detail entries under section headers, and being able to collapse them)\

4) Being able to hide some entries based on "outline level"

5) I've posted a separate suggestion about being able to track progeress toward scenario success using a "points" system (a la victory points, seen in some scenarios)

6) Drag-n-drop equipment for NPCs (similar to the spells, with auto-parsing; the dropped equipment becomes part of an auto-generated treasure parcel for that NPC's gear).

7) Auto-generation of treasure parcels from the gear of creatures/NPCs in an Encounter.

8) Unified format for PC and NPC/Monster storage, with ability to promote/demote a creature from PC to NPC/monster and back as needed. There are occasions when a NPC gets promoted to be a quasi-PC (GMPC, as some call it), and needs full character storage. It would also be easier to write one import/export tool rather than have to deal with two different modes.

8) More seamless import/export with other tools. This would probably need to be done per game-system, and would require the participants to agree on a common XML format for things in that system, but it would make adventure preparation much easier if the GM could use his preferred PC / NPC / Monster editor and then transfer the data to FGII. It would be even better if the modified data could be transferred back, but one step at a time :).
Mark, 04.07.2012, 15:15
A couple of others:

9) Easier selection of category color and symbol (multiple clicks on the radial menus to change the category flag color and symbol gets tedious, especially when you want the ones at the end of the list, as it is one-way.)

10) Type-specific icons for links. Currently, all links display the red-and-white FG dragon. Using different icons for NPC links, Story links, Map/Image links, Encounters, and so on, would be clearer for the user.
Torgaard, 01.10.2012, 08:17
"1) More robust text formatting (size, color) "

This please!

All the other suggestions are great, but on my short list of things that bug me AND come up alot when using FG2; it's gotta be the lack of text formatting in the game. I take lots and lots of notes for adventures, encounters, etc. There are often some very important, key notes that I want to make sure I remember to read when the time comes, that frequently get lost in the morass of all my scribblings. Being able to bold + color some text would be ohhhhh so nice. Being able to size the text, and change the font would also bring a tear to my eye.

Hopefully this wouldn't be too terribly hard to implement.

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