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Multiple GM support

moon_wizard, 21.01.2012, 22:57
Idea status: under consideration


leus, 29.07.2015, 04:19
see Ars magica approach to share the campaign between different GM. it may need new concepts
* a super GM.
* some sub-campaign
* for a multiverse campaign, GM may manage world, plan. otherwise, they could manage faction.

the super GM doesn't know everything of the sub-campagn in order to play them as player with fun.

I was a super GM with a lieutenant GM. the other players had manage some stories once or twice
Varsuuk, 09.01.2017, 13:29
I figure "passing dm hood (and assets owned by DM during that session only)" could work as long as the original owner DM is connected to the session where he is allowing another Standard or Ultimate client access to his adventure module and books. Again, this isn't different (and in fact from WotC, the one I did it with, less permissive as I'd lend my friend a module for weeks at time to use away from me in planning our next game where he took over DMing) than lending a code a paper module of yours to run at the tabletop.

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