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Separate server and GM client

moon_wizard, 22.01.2012, 00:01
Idea status: under consideration


Larzz48, 06.03.2013, 08:45
I'm not certain of what is being proposed here, but if it is what I think is being proposed, it's a great idea. We have a lot of trouble with things loading slowly and the entire game session crashing when we have more than three clients connected. A more robust "server" application that allows one GM and many PC clients to connect would be great. That is, if the result is a more robust solution.
bigdruid, 18.07.2013, 17:32
Actually, the way I'm reading this is that the person running the server doesn't have to be the GM. So the person with the most robust connection in a group runs the server but someone else signs in as the GM. I could see some issues with this but perhaps it could work.
Blacky, 20.08.2013, 20:41
I would guess this has nothing to do with robustness or not crashing.

Separating server and GM client (like Rolisteam does) has two advantages: bandwith and network issue.

- Bandwith: the GM can have a very small bandwith, and a player could have a better one and be better equipped to host the game. Or, the server could be run on a dedicated machine (VPS or real, something in a datacenter for example) and have huge (comparatively to home DSL connexions) upload.

- Network issue: that's for people unable to configure their routers, firewalls, and such. My personal experience is that these people need to read manuals, instead of looking at (sometimes complex) screens and say “too much, it doesn't work period” but that's just me.
hectorgrey, 25.01.2018, 01:14
Some of us don't have direct access to our own routers and/or firewall configuration; usually as a result of living in rented accommodation. Being able to run a server on a VPN that I can then connect my GM client to would make life so much simpler.
DonBakke, 14.10.2015, 09:31
Just being able to run FG in a hosted environment (ala cloud-based) would be great. Our DM has an odd firewall/router setup in his home and he cannot host FG directly. He RDPs into another machine at his work office to run FG...less than ideal since his local rig has multiple monitors and he can do much more at home than he can through RDP. Being able to connect to a central server would greatly enhance everyone's game play.
Warderbrad, 09.04.2016, 11:50
I also see this as being a benefit for players to level up characters or to view stats between sessions or create log entries. I hope that this gets implemented.
lesliev, 14.04.2016, 23:17
This would be great, especially if the server could run completely "headless". This way I could leave my server up all the time (preferably on a small Linux box) and players could manage their characters any time.
Chris, 08.02.2017, 07:34
This would be exceptionally helpful for my group. I run the game for a group of 4 friends and while my connection isn't bad (30Mbps down/ 6Mbps up) when it's split 4 ways while people are downloading modules and media from me, things get twitchy and crash-y. Having a hosted server that I can connect to as a DM would be amazing as it would free up my upload speed for other things.
deer_buster, 18.02.2019, 07:28
The way I interpret this is...any member of the group can have the ultimate license, sets up the (separate, maybe hosted) server, and anyone, regardless of license, can be the GM. This right here would be amazing. Just because I was the one that ponied up the bucks for the Ultimate doesn't mean I want to always have to be the DM in my group. This one kind of ties in with allowing multiple GMs as well.
DarrinTisdale, 05.07.2019, 11:59
It's a shame this design has not been implemented. It's a good idea, and I should be straightforward to do, with a solidly designed, API-focused architecture.

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