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Map - User ping

Allow GM and/or players to "ping" a location on the map

moon_wizard, 22.01.2012, 00:08
Idea status: under consideration


Emrak, 19.02.2013, 09:26
Could someone explain how this would look in practice? Not sure I understand
moon_wizard, 19.02.2013, 11:58
With the ability for the clients to control their own map view, I was thinking that there needed to be a way for the GM to indicate that an item of interest was occurring on a section of the map without forcing the player's view to change. The actual design of how it works is completely undecided at this point. I'm thinking either a ghosted minimap in upper right with some sort of blinking circle (ala MMO), or maybe an arrow pointing to the location on the map with an option to jump to the view with a click.
Blacky, 11.08.2013, 22:28
Pinging a user is also very useful even if everyone has the same view of the same map.

It's a way of showing something, like “yes he has just jumped from the tree, no not this tree THAT one” and so on.

The way it works: the player or GM click the ping tool, then click on the map. If the ping is in the viewport of the client, it display a animation at the click (like a vortex of some kind, or severals circles going out from the point of click) colored by the player's color who initiated the click. It last, I don't know, 2 seconds?

If the client has not the same viewport, a transparent arrow with the same color and “design” as the vortex is show pointing the way to the ping, and a “ping” icon (colored the same way) is display along other map tools icons. If the player clicks this ping icon, it will auto move his viewport toward (some kind of quick animation is good here) to the ping. In any case, if the player doesn't display the ping, it last longer (I would say like 10 seconds).
Bidmaron, 06.04.2014, 07:19
This could be done by extension now, but it would be more elegant if we had the ability to use a timing device. We need onSystemTime handler/event and getSystemTime to do real-world things.
swest, 26.10.2014, 01:00
The ping mechanic in roll20 allows the players/GM to create an expanding concentric circle (in their color) on the battle map that is visible to all. This is a simple but very handy device that, at least in my limited experience, can only be achieved in FG by a cumbersome drawing operation (which then, in a second operation, must be erased...)
Trenloe, 20.07.2016, 08:57
A quick arrow can be drawn by holding both mouse buttons at one. Click both mouse buttons to remove - quick and easy.

But, a mini-map that pops up/stays for a while sounds like an awesome bit of functionality.
Zhakathoom, 14.02.2017, 23:02
I agree with Trenloe; The arrow drawing feature that's dice-colored to indicate who drew it works a charm and I can't really see the need for prioritizing yet another ping, point or attention drawing feature..
Souls, 28.04.2017, 08:31
The two button click is great but if it's easy enough please allow us to choose if that's an arrow, circle, rectangle or cone created with the two click. Ideally allow this setting to be set from the right click menu on the fly as opposed to through the gear options (but either is better than only arrow). I often prefer a circle as the DM but would like to quickly switch between them.
damned, 17.10.2017, 23:06
holding down ctl or shift or alt while drawing the arrow changes what it draws - arrow, circle, square, cone
Kevin Flynn, 05.10.2017, 22:28
• Synch Client View: Right click on the image, and select Sharing->Synch Client View. This function sets the viewport of all players viewing this image record to be the same as the GM.
BubaDragon, 29.12.2018, 07:46
IMHO this is a "nice to have" feature that is somewhat provided by the current pointer system. Not to the degree that an MMO might have (or Roll20), but provided in essence.
Melvin T. Sludgepump, 28.10.2019, 14:37
I'd just like those arrows and circles to be a bit thicker to make them easier to find.

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