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Map - Multiple layers

Allow multiple layers for image fields. This could include drawings, images, tokens, masks.

moon_wizard, 22.01.2012, 00:09
Idea status: under consideration


brandon , 03.05.2012, 06:26
does this also include lets say tile-able texture to make maps?

I've always thought that it should have it's own map maker where we can upload tile-sets and then make maps on the fly throught the use of almost just painting the tile-sets on, sort of like a rpg maker thing
moon_wizard, 03.05.2012, 09:53
There's a separate feature for map tiles.
Blacky, 19.09.2013, 01:56
The way I see it, this should be like most layer feature in graphical software.

At the very least, each player (including GM) should have a private (himself+GM) and public layer, plus a public shared player layer. But n layers would be much better.

Example of common uses: sketch a movement or action difficult to explain by voice or chat; add limited visibility token (like a PC with 3 or 4 familiars, plus 4 mirror images, and so on); add legend to a town or region map for the GM; let the players add their own legend, text, clues for their investigation on the current town map; etc.
Michael Mattson, 04.06.2015, 13:22
I tend to not lock down tokens. I like to let the party move themselves instead of approving each move on the map.

But I also use tokens as "furnishings" for my maps. it drop noncombatant tokens in during city encounters. I'll use tokens for dynamic things on the battlefield (rolling boulders, smoke, darkness).

Having these in a separate layer that the players cannot touch would be great! another added benefit might be to eliminate the "why can't I move my token?" quandary when a player accidentally puts their token on top of another one.
Adam Levine, 27.02.2016, 22:30
Could this be used to add blood splatter for a dead critter?
Milke, 07.08.2016, 05:25
The main reason I'd like to add a layer to a map is so I can just have one layer of labels, etc, that the players can't see. For instance, if I had one GM layer where I could paste room numbers, and things like "The secret deadly pit that will kill anyone who steps in it is HERE" with an arrow or something.
bnickelsen, 23.10.2016, 08:27
I would like to have the following layers
1. Top layer: PC and NPC tokens
2. intractable Tokens accessible to the players. Example: Doors, chest, wagons
3. DM only. Player viewable layer for reactionary things like Traps and statues. and non visable trigger tokens for effects and sounds.
4. Dynamic map pieces
5. Base map
Celestian, 12.02.2017, 09:28
The ability to have 2 maps in 2 layers is perfect for me. I tend to have a player map and DM map already created and want to layer them ontop of each other. However only the players should see their map and the DM could see his (or use opacity so he could see through the player into the DM).

Zhakathoom, 15.02.2017, 00:02
This would be an awesome feature! It would open tons of possibilities. You could use this with any image I assume, so I could have my desert temple scene image with an idle portal gate and then layer on an image of the swirling portal as the party pulled the right lever, or loads and loads of other nifty stuff.
Zhakathoom, 15.02.2017, 00:04
Also the ability to put tokens of barrels and chests and stuff on a layer separate from the player token layer, as mentioned above, so that the players couldn't move them around willy nilly would be sweet.
Mr. Hound, 16.11.2018, 11:03
I don't know if this could be a function included in this idea, but if there were a fog of war layer, like the mask layer mentioned I could make a town map where the players would have plenty of viewing range except into homes and closed buildings, they'd be stuck seeing the roof until they actually entered the building. which would be really exciting to me as a DM
Britt, 12.07.2019, 01:45
If you have two maps ... one a DM map and the other a player map ... add them into separate layers and use an erase function on the top layer to reveal the bottom layer ...

watch this video for an idea of what I am talking about:


If you are going to have layers you should do something like this for overland maps.

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