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Map - Text labels

moon_wizard, 22.01.2012, 00:09
Idea status: under consideration


Darren, 27.06.2014, 12:38
How is this suggestion different from the current push-pin capability?
moon_wizard, 27.06.2014, 13:24
Push pins are named links to other campaign records, that only show name when hovering over them. Also, I believe they are GM only.

This feature would add text labels directly on the map that are always visible, probably with a toggle as to whether the text is visible to players.
Falantrius, 08.05.2015, 00:45
Add Text Label PINS AND TEXT directly on the map - each PIN and TEXT BOX should have control that its DM only or Visible to the players.

Text Boxes would allow me to label buildings like "Copper Tree Inn" or maps with "Guard Room"

You could also implement them as a PIN - that POPS up the text - rolling it out to the RIGHT -
Control of the PIN for DM only or Player Visible should be supported
Steffen Lilly, 25.09.2015, 14:35
I can't believe this isn't already an option.

I hate to compare apples to oranges but Roll20 (not better, not worse, just different) has a GM only layer that you can activate. You can put things like secret doors, room designations, notes to yourself (like sticky notes) as reminders.. the list is endless.

I have used both and prefer the FG interface over that of Roll20 but, that being said, there are some thing in Roll20 that are nicer, this being one of them.
leus, 17.12.2015, 07:03
the pencil usable today is not accurate enough in order to write directly on the map.
I should use paint or other tool before reloading image in FG, it's not very comfortable in session.
Gix, 26.01.2018, 08:24

This could be accomplished if multiple layers were an option. Lend your votes to that, then multiple problems are fixed at once!

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