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Map - Use as desktop

Map as full screen image behind other windows

moon_wizard, 21.01.2012, 23:10
Idea status: completed


Trenloe, 27.03.2012, 17:15
This was actually something that turned me off d20Pro - I don't mind if this is an option that I don't have to turn on, but I wouldn't like to see it as something I couldn't turn off.
moon_wizard, 27.03.2012, 19:04
I think the problem with d20 Pro is that there can only be a single map. I thought it would be nice to specify a "default" map that shows as the background. Not sure how the interface would work yet. Maybe background map can be specified per player.
Blackfoot, 15.04.2012, 23:20
I thought it would be nice if there was a way to lock the map down to the desktop. Generally maps are the largest things that we are shuffling around during play so they tend to cover everything else up. In conjunction with some sort of organized minimization bank or something... this could work very nicely.
Blackfoot, 09.07.2013, 12:34
Actually.. thinking about this a bit more.. any image might be cool. I mean.. it'd be great if it could be a map with all the map functionality.. but maybe I just want my background to be a fluff image appropriate to tonight's game?
Seems like it would be pretty cool to be able to set any image as the background on the fly.
Irondrake, 27.06.2014, 17:34
The ability to have any image or one map as the background, then still have other maps in the image windows would be cool.
Phystus, 04.02.2016, 06:30
The decal extension sort of does this, but you're stuck with the same map for at least the duration of the session. I do this with my home campaign - I have the decal set to a small map of the campaign region. I'm not sure how much my players use it, though.
Bidmaron, 21.04.2019, 06:08
This has been implemented

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