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Grid - Custom width and color

moon_wizard, 22.01.2012, 00:11
Idea status: under consideration


HoloGnome, 13.06.2014, 10:02
Also - grid opacity/visibility - need to be able to make an active grid invisible or perhaps lighter. Other grid modes of interest might be a dot or corner cross-hair mode.
Michael Mattson, 04.06.2015, 13:13
This is similar to one I just suggested (mine would be a subset of this), so I just voted for this and will go to try and delete the other one. :)
HavocSmurf, 10.04.2017, 20:11
Maybe a selectable contrast for light/dark against dark/light images/maps
Patou, 26.11.2017, 09:25
With transparency option

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