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Token - Graphical effect options

i.e. Blurring, shading, glowing, etc.

moon_wizard, 22.01.2012, 00:16
Idea status: under consideration


Blacky, 19.09.2013, 02:11
This could be done by altering the portrait_token.png (or whatever file is used in a specific ruleset). Each new image (like portrait_token_blurred.png, portrait_token_glow.png, portrait_token_shading.png, etc.) would be draw on top of portrait_token.png.

It's just some kind of table with two rows: Effect | Image

Then each ruleset would handle this the way they see fit. A (very) small icon added, a change of color/texture of the border drawn by portrait_token.png, and so on.

And all of this with minimal work from SmiteWorks beside the base code and implementation its in own rulesets.
Melvin T. Sludgepump, 28.10.2019, 14:46
Invisible, Hiding, Stealth mode, recurring damage mode, even seriously wounds could be shown this way. I love it.

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