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Token - Stacking

Better visibility of stacked tokens (i.e. slightly offset), as well as grouped movement

moon_wizard, 22.01.2012, 00:20
Idea status: under consideration


moon_wizard, 06.08.2013, 15:52
Grouped movement of tokens is coming in v3.0. Rotation and better stacking is still on the list.
d1wright, 20.05.2014, 18:53
v3.03 is out, did group movement make it in?
moon_wizard, 20.05.2014, 21:24
Yes, just select multiple tokens and then drag one of the selected tokens.
Nilram the Grey, 28.02.2017, 20:16
It doesn't work if the icons are locked. I would prefer to see the group move with icons locked work, to move all tokens together.

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