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Token - Limited visibility

i.e. Only some players can see

moon_wizard, 22.01.2012, 00:21
Idea status: under consideration


brandon , 03.05.2012, 06:24
I was also thinking, players sometime have a 60ft vision, like in the dark.

So the token linked to the player can only see what this allows him to see, even with the map.
moon_wizard, 03.05.2012, 09:56
Actually a different feature. This one is for tokens which are invisible or out of line of sight for some players.

I think vision is another feature already or should be. However, it is stickyWith just 3.5E D&D, you have normal vision, low-light vision, darkvision and x-ray vision. All of these have their own "rules" as to how light affects and should be applied.
Jwguy, 28.02.2014, 06:06
For what it is worth, Maptools has an interesting way of doing this, by using vision calculations with a number of statements and variables the user controls, along with some defaults such as normal vision and one set of darkvision. Allowing users to set a radius and distance of vision (Radius around the token, distance of a cone of vision) for normal, low, and no lighting conditions, with a "respect mask" and "force vision" radio box should suffice.

The respect mask box would allow us to use the mask as a type of barrier (create it over walls so that walls act like... walls, for vision), and force vision would make it so players could only see what their token could see.

Also, revealing areas on vision would be nice as an option. Previously revealed areas that are no longer in sight should be made dim, but still visible, with no tokens or items present able to be seen.
Evion, 21.06.2017, 01:43
this is what they need, on maptools you can add vision to all players and they can only see up to the distance on which they can, like darkvision 60, but in FG they should do a bit more since i know they can, players with normal vision and darkvision 60 on there character should be able to use both, without having to change in the middle of a combat, like i know there adding weather and they have day and night settings, so why not when it turns dark it auto switches there vision to that setting and players who cant see unless they have a light cant see either, also GM should be given the ability to add vision distance for future game mods, like darkvision 30 to ???, and blindsense 60 to ???, also with vision comes the possibility of adding auras with different colors and ranges, like having a paladin with 3 different auras, if they have different colors and areas that would be great, this can also be done on maptools, would be great if blindsight could see invisible automatically and only that player could see him on the map :)
Ferghis, 21.06.2015, 07:23
As much as I understand how desirable this sounds, I want to discourage the developers from throwing too many resources at this feature. It's weight in code may or may not be that heavy, but it means that maps have to have an extra layer drawn on to them, and the draw on hardware resources will be huge, which will mean that most will never use this feature, which will make it a waste of developer time.

It's not that I'm against this particular feature. It's that there are other features out there that will be much more useful to more users. And I would rather that the devs prioritize those.
Stillwind, 31.01.2016, 23:47
Wouldn't an easy way to do it is simply have every npc/enemy token have a little visibility menu you can access if you are a GM? They start off all checked, but then you simply can uncheck some boxes for each player that no longer can see the token.
It then disappears from the players screen as they no longer have permission to view it, similar to other GM only stuff.

This way if a monster goes invisible, but one guy has true seeing up, only he can see it, and has to actually describe to others that the enemy is in front of the door, or behind the big mushroom, or something like that.
Maspalio, 21.10.2016, 11:13
It would be awesome, especially when some characters can see invisible people while many others can't (i.e. Auspex users in Vampire the Masquerade).
NZL_NYC, 08.11.2016, 08:28
I have to weigh in here - this would be great, as managing the "visibility radius" for multiple characters manually is impossible. A mask today reveals what any player has seen so that every player can see this. We need that, plus a separate overlay mask that travels with each player that opens up the area that corresponds to vision radius/condition - Darkvision, normal vision, etc... Then if the GM can indicate lighting conditions - dim, dark, well lit, etc... we can really simulate the visibility experience the character should have. Finally, I would add the overlay of effects; for example invisibility (if a token is invisible, it vanishes form the map) or blindness (if your PC is afflicted with Blindness, the entire map is clouded over).
uraence, 11.01.2018, 07:22
This would be highly handy for Stealth vs Perception checks.

DM, "The Goblin attacks with his bow then jumps behind a bush attempting to hide."

*DM rolls Dexterity (Stealth) check - 16*

*player 1 rolls Wisdom (Perception) check, 4 fail*

*player 2 rolls Wisdom (Perception) check, 19 success*

Player 1, "Where'd that goblin go!"

Player 2, "It's right there!"

Player 1, "WHERE?!?!"
Diablobob , 29.07.2019, 14:43
Hmmm... I don’t know how hard it would be to do the full visual effect... but I’m thinking that this wouldn’t be too hard to do in a more simple way... if the PC turns on sight option in his options menu, draw a circle around him only visible to him, and tied to his movement... so token.onDrop script to move the visible circle... additionally Give the DM the option to set environmental like dark, etc... then have the token become visible or non visible based on distance values visibility... the DM would set and process the environmental, the visibility would be processed player side, and ping host to turn visible to user.identity... I might look into this more... just some random thoughts...

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