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4E - Collapsible inventory

moon_wizard, 22.01.2012, 00:36

inventory tree

It would be cool to click and drag inventory on to an inventory tree surrounding you avatar to show what you have equipped. Also, to have the record sheet adjust accordingly as you drop items on to your character.

Mike Maxwell, 21.02.2016, 17:58
Idea status: under consideration


Bidmaron, 11.11.2012, 05:44
Why is this 4e unique? I'd certainly like to see it in 3.5e.
larzz48, 06.03.2013, 09:10
If this means to have a "tree" that allows one to collapse the inventory list by container (e.g. a backpack contains a bunch of equipment, but only the backpack is diplayed untile the "+" is clicked), I'm on board!
moon_wizard, 19.09.2016, 22:57
This should be for all rulesets defined off the CoreRPG layer. I haven't figured out how to change title yet.
Zhakathoom, 15.02.2017, 05:02
Both collapsable inventory "tree" and "paperdoll" inventory would be super sweet in my opinion. :D

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