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Automatic ruleset updater (community)

moon_wizard, 26.03.2012, 12:36
Idea status: under consideration


Emrak, 19.02.2013, 08:40
If you do not upvote this, then you are a bad person.
Ferghis, 21.06.2015, 06:26
I wish/hope the devs can see how users tweak their rulesets. It would be nice to see common tweaks be implemented by the updater.

For example, if many users of the 5e ruleset are adding the Shield of Faith effect to the spell, it would be nice of the ruleset devs to note that it's rightly implemented and propagate that notation out all users that have not yet modded that part.
MatangaBoots, 25.02.2016, 02:45
Does this stuff get looked at anymore? I looked at this list about 6 months ago and it looks the same. I guess I am saying does this wish list matter? Maybe let people suggest things, think pick like 5 that you as developers can do, and then lets us vote on just those 5 and you work on the top vote.
moon_wizard, 25.02.2016, 07:49
Yes, this list is still looked at.

We are constantly assessing the business and future planning requirements, in addition to feedback from he community. This list is a way to capture user suggestions, but does not necessarily correlate to our product plans.

Also, many of the user suggestions are very big projects (and possibly even different products), or they require a new technology platform. So, several of them will be on here for a while, and may not make the cut when planning.
Talyn, 16.04.2017, 08:18
I think what I'd like to see in this regard is something similar to Curse or Minion for the various MMOs that use Lua addons.

A one-stop-shop where users can view/install/update community FG modules and extensions, creators (and SmiteWorlds) can hand off "dev" status to the next person if the original author moves on, etc.

Post-FGU of course. :) But just an idea. A good idea! =) lol

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