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Custom background

Allow host to specify a custom background directly without having to build an extension.

moon_wizard, 04.05.2012, 22:09
Idea status: under consideration


cscase, 22.12.2013, 11:00
I think this is a great idea. GMs could use the background for maps or reference info, or change the scenery to match the theme or location of the current game session. Would love to see this.
Moradus, 17.05.2015, 07:27
Even better, easily be able to cycle through whatever backgrounds you want. Instant DM Screen!
d1wright, 08.03.2016, 08:05
Similar to the MOTD banner (love it), would it be possible to have a specified "Background" labeled JPEG that would automatically be used if it was found in the "Images & Maps" folder?

It would also be nice if it could be to the right of the Chat window so it wasn't overlapped.

The image might need to meet some size or aspect ratio to look good, but I'd love to be able to use the PFS module title pages as the background for folks to see when they login to the game. BAM!
GarthGiantbane, 27.01.2017, 10:12
I agree here - a folder in the FG directory structure to store background (decal) pictures. Then you could cycle through them from that folder. Same functionality as we get now with multiple decal extensions loaded.

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