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[3.5E] Effects have saves & durations (i.e. poisons)

Show both a save and duration for an effect. Primary usage is for poisons which have both
(Ex: Poison of the Black Nresis Fort 18 for 3 rounds)

Additionally, add support for periodic/recurring damage from poisons.

Willot , 11.06.2012, 14:14
Idea status: under consideration


arsenic87, 17.08.2012, 02:13
I belive that recurring damage allready can be added with DMGO: .
One thing that I whould like to add to this suggestion is the possibillity to have a effect timeout at the end of the players current turn (0 RND). So for a constant effect, the RND could be set to say -1 ?
Willot, 09.10.2012, 13:16
In Pathfinder version (and I think some 3.5e poisons) the poisons / diseases affect stats and DMGO doesnt affect stats

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