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Linked Documents - Maps, Images, Records

Pretty straightforward. Have an option to link records together, moreso than is possible with the options today. For example, if I pull up an NPC record - give me an option to link a few things:

- MAIN NPC Record (something that I would never share)
Somewhere in the NPC frame, add "linked files" - let me drag and drop some story text for the character, and an image portrait, that I could quickly click on and share.

Bennett Nason , 17.06.2012, 07:12
Idea status: under consideration


moon_wizard, 18.06.2012, 09:50
You can create links in the Notes section of the current NPC record sheet in the 3.5E and 4E rulesets. Using the radial menu or the key shortcut CTRL+5, you can create a list of links that can be labeled and set by dragging other link records onto the empty link box.

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