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Weapon and Armor Set Configurations

For characters that use various sets of weapons and armor (simple example: a fighter that switches between sword and board, and a two-handed weapon depending on the circumstances), it is a bit of an annoyance to have to modify combat stats manually every time.

It would be -great- to have the ability to create combat configurations - a set of AC and save modifiers that can be created then switched between on the fly.

This can be handled currently using effects, but that's a bit kludgy.

Mr. Bear , 28.07.2012, 13:58
Idea status: under consideration


larzz48, 06.03.2013, 09:02
I think this would be great if it means that AC is automatically adjusted when a shield is equiped.
deer_buster, 18.02.2019, 07:45
This would definitely be handy if the app could recognize that you are using the two-handed version of a longsword (ala the weapon handling extension), for instance, and automatically unequip the shield for you. Or at least allow us to setup effects on our weapons (such as AC:-2, et.al.)

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