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Effects Tied to Items

It would be wonderful to associate effects with specific items and then be able to specify if an item is being worn or is otherwise active. This should automatically apply the effect to the character sheet.

For example, in the 3.5 ruleset, a ring with a +1 dodge bonus to AC effect could be created, then "worn", which would automatically apply the effect.

Mr. Bear , 28.07.2012, 14:04
Idea status: under consideration


Willot, 18.06.2013, 19:03
An item could have a field called EFFECT: It only appears if the item has a value in the BONUS field(IE its magic).
Another field under it . A Tick box, called APPLY WHEN HITS/WORN . (reason for option? Some effects are Strangggeee Wooooooo)
Willot, 18.06.2013, 19:08
OH Wands and the like? Just allow the item window to have a spell tab like NPCS.
benjihad, 18.10.2016, 05:50
Give effects the ability to be added to the 'link' paragraph type in notes/story/item info/etc.
skj310, 01.07.2017, 04:01
I would further this by suggesting that if a NPC picks up the item, and equips it, then the bonuses are also automatically applied to the NPC
Tielc, 22.10.2018, 19:42
I would add the ability to include full statements like IFT TYPE(undead, fiend); DMG: 1d8 radiant so that certain magical weapons can just work as expected.
Sean Darcy, 17.05.2019, 22:53
I was looking over the VTT comparison charts and noticed Roll20 is using Particle Effects. PE's packs are available in Unity which will create different visual effects. The three modules I saw a video of include the noise module, light module, and trails module. They would do well in creating dragons breath weapon, spell casting effects, lighting effects or elemental effects. Unity supports this, so I wonder if it will be implimented in FGU accet pack designs.

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