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3.5E - Character generator

A Step by Step character generation functionality for 3.5E (and Pathinder) with which you get at the end a complete populated charactersheet, with all links for feats, weaponsdescription etc. to the corresponding modules. It sould also handle a kind of automatic selection of race, or class feats for that ones selected in the correspondung "Character generation Step".

drvolk , 04.10.2012, 05:23
Idea status: under consideration


larzz48, 06.03.2013, 09:07
This same character generator should persist throughout the advancement of the character. Simply open the character generator for every level-up and add the advancements for that level. Advancements should be maintained by level for future reference allowing a player or GM to look back to see which were taken when.
drvolk, 10.04.2015, 00:09
Because the reference modules for 3.5E and Pathfinder are allready included whithin FG3 a solution to create a character as it is avaible for the 5E ruleset in combination with the 5E reference modules by drag&drop would be also great.
Falantrius, 01.05.2015, 18:29
PCGEN is a great free character building. Having players level up characters, buy stuff and save is a KEY part of any role playing game. As a project manager, it would suggest an easy fix.

Provide a directory - where the XML files can be stored
Have PCGEN save the XML into that directory - an option available with little to no coding

Now instead of having the DM import the characters - CODING - have FG have an option to look in that directory - read the XML - compare it to the current character with that name and make updates to ONLY the deltas. This way the players can use PCGEN and save their XMLs - the GM just loads FG and has updated characters in the PARTY LIST. Have it load ONLY the changes, new feat, updating Saves, new spells, etc.

Would save me a lot of time - as now I have to load all the XMLs and make updates to EFFECTS for spells, review for errors in load and make updates, etc each time.

I just want the characters in the PARTY LIST and COMBAT TRACKER.

REDUCE THE EFFORT THE GM has to do to maintain the game.
GameSeneschal, 30.12.2018, 15:20
Pretty much any character generation tool serves that purpose. My personal favorite is Hero Lab.

I would just like to see more integration to allow updating back-and-forth between FG and the other tools. For example, an export file of a character could include a line (or more) of code that stays with the character during editing. Then when the edited/updated character is imported; FG could recognize it as an update to the existing character.

My 2 copper,

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