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Edit -> Undo feature for all input fields

If I mistakenly erase a section of text, or delete a character or NPC, it would be nice to have a few levels of 'undo' available to step backwards, rather than jump through hoops to retrieve a data file before an auto-save.

David R Hall , 22.12.2012, 17:09
Idea status: under consideration


phantomwhale, 25.12.2012, 04:37
Erasing text can be bad (and the "default" is to asume CTRL-Z will save you here).

Deleting a PC by mistake can be... REALLY bad. So yeah, so form of undo (a.k.a. idiot-proofing) around my vital campaign data could be very useful too.
moon_wizard, 06.08.2013, 16:01
As of v3.0, CTRL+Z (i.e. undo) is supported in all text and formattedtext fields.
Iceman, 08.02.2015, 07:16
This would be a FANTASTIC feature to have if it simply changed the color of the text when a player edited his character. Then the GM could easily see what had changed and once approved the text would return to normal color. As it is a pen and paper game is easier to keep track of than characters in FG.
Falantrius, 11.05.2015, 15:12
I have to manually input damage to monsters in the combat tracker - all day long - some times I put the new totaled damage on the wrong monster - and now I cant remember what it was prior to the update. CTRL-Z should natively be supported.
Falantrius, 11.05.2015, 15:14
When I was first learning how to use FG, I didn't know what the (-) was on several fields - once I spent about a half hour adding damage effects and spell effects to a spell - then accidently clicked the (-) twice to close the spell - but ended up deleting everything I created. Mainly because it didn't pop up and say "Are you sure" - it just went from (-) to (|) which didn't mean a lot to me at the time. BOOM all my work deleted with no method of recovering..... totally sucked. Sort of like when you write that paper for school and accidently CLOSE it without saving......we all remember how much that sucks
callahan09, 04.04.2016, 19:56
A little more power on the undo feature would be great. For instance, if I accidentally press backspace one too many times while editing an inventory item (particularly the Location field, if I've moved something from a character's backpack, for instance), it will delete the entire line, and there is no way to undo that, I have to manually re-add the entire line item. Text editing is fine, but having the ability to undo deletion of an entire item would be really helpful.

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