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Add non-spell abilities to the Actions tab

I'd like to be able to add other things that generate effects, such as feats, abilities, and magic items, to the Actions tab on the character sheet. Currently, I can fudge this using the "Add Spell Class" option, but this doesn't quite work, as it assigns a single caster level and ability modifier to everything in a class, as well as spell levels.

Callum , 16.07.2013, 03:29
Idea status: under consideration


Dan, 12.05.2015, 17:51
i figure a more generic version of the ACTIONS -> SPELL CLASS divider. Basic name and spell like functions to heal, do damage, or apply an effect, force saves etc but have manually set uses per day.

Uses per day could be optionally tied to character stats like you do for AC and such.

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