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Add user comments in online manual & references

Learning Fantasy Grounds is very very steep. I'm assuming with the new 3.x branch, and the new CoreRPG base ruleset in conjunction with the new inherit&cascading system, a fully new documentation is needed.

To avoid issues from the past, and dramatically improve said documentation, I would propose to add a commenting system to each page of FG's website manuals, references, everything.

Pretty much like the official PHP online documentation.

Moderation powers can be given to robust community members to avoid abuse and said comments to replace support & forum.

In fact, I believe the commenting system could and maybe should the forums (like a dedicated forum, and one thread per manual or reference webpage). This would mean a small investment to write some king of vBulletin plugin-extension, but said small investment will be rapidly paid in full with an improved documentation, real-life examples by the community, and so on.

Blacky, 30.08.2013, 21:36
Idea status: under consideration


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