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Weather Battlemap image filters

The same battlemap could be used under rain, fog, day, night, dawn, and so on.

Instead or having the GM make multiple images (which has a networking and memory price), FG could apply some smart predefined weather filters to a map to transform it into night, dawn, under rain, under fog, and so on.

Or instead of smart filters, this could be done with a tiling top layer (see the Multiple Layers feature request). By the GM, but this could be included in rulesets for non-geek GM.

Blacky, 19.09.2013, 22:57
Idea status: under consideration


MarianDz, 10.09.2016, 02:01
Great idea Blacky,
when fog, rain, night, etc... changed then allows automaticaly reduce view distance for player character when weather conditions happended or special map load. Utilise actually prepared Fog on war extension.
LordEntrails, 08.09.2017, 13:41
This has been demo'd in a video for Unity. No promises, but I suspect FGU will have this capability.

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