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Add colored pins

Instead of having red pins for everything, with having a variation of red, yellow, blue, etc. you could more easily distinguish between encounter settings, room descriptions, items, and such.

Targas , 25.02.2014, 09:59

Pushpin Colorizing support (see at glance)

Option to change color on map pins from Red to another color so if you fill a map of dungeon or overland campaign world with pins, you can see which are encounters, traps, nods, area descriptions, encounter tables, etc unbounded except by colors list ;)

Seems a possible low hanging fruit that puts freedom to categorize in the users' hands with hopefully trivial coding changes?

Varsuuk, 17.12.2016, 23:20
Idea status: under consideration


LordEntrails, 26.06.2015, 21:54
Shapes as well please; diamonds, squares, triangles. Maybe even things like stairs or other symbols later on.
Vladlock, 27.01.2016, 15:21
also make it where when you close the module those pins associated with it go away also
Nebbers, 04.02.2016, 10:48
^+1 to this, I would love to save pins to modules.
Nulk, 25.05.2016, 19:27
I would love to see this functionality, would enable me to load up the map with assorted PIns for quick reference that would be easily distinguishable from other pins. This can still be acheived via mouse over and seeing the tag, but colour will make categories so much easier to see.
Netjera, 02.08.2016, 00:03
I'd love to see colored pins, because if I have more than one sound linked in FG, I cant tell which are ambient (like Drafty wind) and which are situational (Darkmantle attack).
Milke, 07.08.2016, 05:15
I like the idea of different colored pins, but right now, I know red is secret, and green is viewable by players.
So, which colors would be secret or public? Would only green be public still?
Duane Vaughan, 09.06.2017, 00:12
+1 to the comments above

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