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Support for IPv6

I know, IPv6 still seems far away, but it isn't (in germany). People who upgrade their cable connection or contract a new cable connection don't get a IPv4 IP anymore, but only IPv6 with DS lite for IPv4.

This happens to our Gamemaster, for example, so that we now own 5 FG licenses we can't use at the moment.

Braste, 12.05.2014, 03:50
Idea status: under consideration


Tobias, 12.02.2017, 10:03
I have the same problem. I haven't tried yet but it's probably sufficient to use Hamachi to tunnel the ipv4 connection.
Sera, 03.10.2018, 23:26
Time is running out

It make more Sense for me to implement something that more players can play together than implement comfort options.

IPV4 dont have many addresses lest (no joke)

And the number of people that have an interconnection is rising faster every month.

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