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5E NPC Forge/Creator

I'd like a process that looks similar to what we've seen with the magic item forge in the future DMG. Also, what we get in the Advanced Bestiary for Pathfinder/3.5e.

You have a Create NPC screen. You want to make a 5th level Variant Human Wizard who was a Soldier earlier in life, so you add/drag Wizard to the screen, change number to 5, then you add/drag Variant Human and then the Soldier background.

You then get successive pop-up screens that prompt you to make your selections as appropriate - skills, feats, spells, proficiency, specialties, personality traits, ideals, auto roll HP or assign specific number, etc...

You then want that NPC to have a Ring of Protection +3, a Staff of Fireballs, Dagger +2, seven assorted whatever potions and three scrolls of whatever spells.

You drag all those items (perhaps after having created them in the magic item forge) to the screen.

Click Create (or perhaps Preview NPC) and you quickly get a NPC screen where all the things you added are combined, modifications automatically all calculated and applied correctly, spells with descriptions and all parsing of effects etc... done.

JohnD , 05.11.2015, 07:01
Idea status: under consideration


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